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Your body has a special set of hormones that convert fat into energy during pregnancy. These hormones (known as the hCG) then control and maintain proper and healthy fat deposits so that both you and the baby stay in healthy shape.

These hormones can be homoeopathically converted into vaccine-like oral drops for our body. Once administered, the diluted hormones act as a vaccine for our body and trigger the mechanisms that locate and burn excessive fat, control the process, and train the body to maintain these levels.

These hormones have been the subject of homeopathic medicine since 1950’s and the first hCG diet protocol is credited to Dr A.W. T Siemeons who discovered how the hormone was created in pregnant women and how it can be used to naturally trigger the same mechanisms in non-pregnant women.

The hCG diet protocol comprises of a rigorous diet plan and homoeopathically diluted hCG diet drops for burning weight, controlling its pace, and then maintaining healthy levels of fat.

Over the past decades, this protocol has been continuously refined to create one the most transformative diet plans available for the overweight.

hCG Diet Plan

It’s FAST. It’s NATURAL. AND its effects lasts the length of your life.

hCG diet plan comprises of a simple diet plan coupled with the hCG diet drops. The plan is spread over two phases: weight loss and weight maintenance.

Each hCG diet plan comes with a detailed schedule for a low calorie diet and two types of hCG drops — for healthily burning weight, and once the process is completed, to control the body processes so that it maintains that weight for the length of your life.

Are you ready to lose those extra kilos and gain a healthy and radiant body?

And an energetic lifestyle.

And to try out all those dresses, and heels, and jeans, and accessories you just want to buy?

Then head over to our store and purchase the right hCG diet plan to suit your schedule and your weight loss needs.  

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