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hCG Drops: The Weight Loss Wonder

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Read and learn about how hCG drops work and how it would benefit you.

The highly acclaimed hCG drops are known to have remarkable effects. That is why a lot of people want to try this hCG diet plan. However, before jumping on to the hCG weight loss wagon, you need to know first the important aspects of this well-known drops.

What is hCG drops?

hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is normally found in pregnant women. It is during pregnancy that this hormone is produced which helps in the development of the fetus. Also, the hCG hormone aids in ensuring that the pregnancy will be successful and that the baby will be healthy.  hCG has two primary functions; first, it helps in developing the sexual organ of the fetus. hCG is required in developing both male and female genders. Hence, the hCG is a vital factor in the process of procreation. Without such hormone, we would not be able to exist. Second, the hCG hormone ensures that both the mother and the baby receive the necessary nutrients and calories. This is done by prompting the hypothalamus gland to produce certain chemicals that are responsible for releasing stores or accumulated fat into the bloodstream. This will be burned and turned into energy. In the same way, the nutrients that are stocked in the fat are also discharged into the bloodstream. This process sustains the mother and the fetus in her womb. Even without pregnancy, the hCG hormone still stimulates the release of stored fats into the bloodstream. This is an important process in the hCG diet plan.

hCG Drops with a Diet Plan

The combination of the hCG drops and the 500-calorie limitation, guarantees a rapid weight loss. Although a lot of people find it difficult to limit their food intake by 500 calories, they are able to carry through since this phase only lasts for about two weeks. After such phase, the daily calorie intake is increased and is brought back to the normal level.

Furthermore, it is important to note that during the use of the hCG drops, one must avoid alcohol and sugar as these destroy the diet plan and you might not be able to get your desired result. The recommended food intake is pure protein and less carbohydrates (or any starchy food). Loading yourself with too much carbohydrates will cause more fat to be stored in the body; this will result to more weight. The hCG drops strengthen the body in order to fight the urge and temptation of eating. This is why you feel less hungry because of the low calorie intake.

After completing the hCG diet plan, it is essential that you continue eating a healthy and balanced diet in order to keep the weight off and maintain your new body shape.


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